Value of Love

Posted: 18 Juli 2014 in Uncategorized

Maybe i do not have enough money, but i have greater love for you. I know, love may not be able to support you but it is not love that makes you happy?

With the money you really can buy everything but love and affection you will not get in any store in the world.

All of this may sound like word nonsense words, but please know that this is all true.

Many women are happy just because of money but i hope it does not happen to you. When you get angry! Can anger be bought with money? When you’re sad or mourn! Can grief be  bought with money?

Obviously not. Anger may not be purchased with money, no sorrow can also be bought with money, just the love and affection that can restore the heart back into a better and happy.

So, have an axcess of love you will be happy, even if you are afflicted in economic terms, but joy will not make you sad and people will not know if you do not have a dime.

Keep in mind. Forever, the value of money will not be as high the value of love 🙂


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